What’s that a "matronymic" ?

Tuesday 8 March 2011.

Most of countries have a patriarcal system of given name to children : it is known as a patrilinear name and patrilinear system. This name will be knowned as "patronymic". In France, the idea, the concept, does not exist in culture and law. But the name of the transmission of the mother name is called "matronymic".

In France patronymic is imposed during the middle age by use and still is by the law now. No care about the fact that at that time, women were treated as domestic animals just made to be exploited through their body : free sex, free children, free work, aso. Exploitation system is when the autor is neither the owner of its production nor the one who has the benefit of it. The appropriation system being inforced by the given patronimic name. It means that the children are the property of the man who fuck the mother. The mother has just a role of giving free food, and domination values to the children : she is a means, sort of media, no authorness, no ego, no I. So, that the way role of women is forecast : a garanty of transmitting through centuries male domination rules, ideology and practices. Of course, the whole system of legacy is empeaching to go over the frame of this process.

Today, in France, asking to have as passport, the identity name of the mother instead of the one of the supposed father is considered by the french administration who rules the identity names as an act of endangering the peace of the state. Nb : France has a constitution which recognise formal equality between men and women since 1948. Theoritically.

The same demand is considered by the European court of human rights as a fundamental right and liberty to choose ones name, particularly the one of the mother and her family.

Well, since 2005 there is a new law in France which allow parents who both want it, to give the mother’s name to childs. But, would the father being unwilling to, then,the child got his name only. A male veto.

Since 2005, there is so a rupture in equality between citizens : french people borned before 2005 have no right and no one possibility to wear their matronymic; french people who are borned after 2005, theoritically can wear their matronymic.

And to close this presentation of the problem of domination of male nomination in France, it has to be presented that there is no legal, no judicial, no administrative recourse or redress - shortly no way - to restore the mother’s name as legal identity name.

Well, to meditate ... France, patry of men’s rights (patrie des droits de l’homme).

Le Groupe d’Intérêt pour le Matronyme

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